setting up nikola / org-mode

installing nikola

conda activate
pip install Nikola[extras]
nikola version

get a site up and running

nikola init mysite
cd mysite
nikola new_post
nikola build
nikola serve -b
# nikola auto --browser

adding org support

nikola new_post -F
nikola plugin -i orgmode
echo <<EOF
# add the following lines

Contents of the file:

# NOTE: Needs additional configuration in init.el file.

# Add the orgmode compiler to your COMPILERS dict.
COMPILERS["orgmode"] = ('.org',)

# Add org files to your POSTS, PAGES
POSTS = POSTS + (("posts/*.org", "posts", "post.tmpl"),)
PAGES = PAGES + (("pages/*.org", "pages", "page.tmpl"),)
nikola new_post -f orgmode
nikola build
nikola serve -b

adding math support

add a field in the preamble, has_math: true

adding code

it shoud work out of the box

deploying on

By default nikola works off from the src branch and output goes to the master branch.

Also you need to add the following under files/CNAME:

This is the name from the domain provider. Also configure the repository settings: go under settings, and modify the custom domain field to

Finally from nikola in the src branch you can:

nikola github_deploy

This will create a new/or modify the existing branch master where the generated pages will reside.